Eremophila debilis (MYOPORACEAE) Winter Apple

Plants to Plant


A low, trailing plant with weak, fleshy stems capable of spreading to 2 metres in diameter. Some forms may be partially upright to about half a metre. Common in dry, woodland areas along the coast and inland areas of eastern New South Wales and southern Queensland. Leaves are lance-shaped to around 4-5 mm long and mid, glossy green in colour. Leaf margins entire or slightly toothed. Small flowers in the leaf axils, usually pale mauve, white and blue forms are also found in summer and occasionally at other times. Fleshy fruits in autumn about 1 cm in diameter, green in colour with pink or reddish tonings. Reliable groundcover for many areas suited to a range of soils provided drainage is reasonable, and is best located in a sunny position. Propagation from seed unreliable, from cuttings is easy using hardened, current season’s growth. Eremophila from Greek, eremos, desert and phileo, to love, so desert loving, referring to the habitat of many of the species. Debilis meaning weak, a reference to trailing growth habit.

Photo: Robert Whyte