Enoggera Creek > Walton Bridge Reserve

Storm! 16 Nov 2008

Walton Bridge Reserve was one of the least affected sites after the storm of 16 November 2008. It was on the eastern edge of the storm. Sites further west were much more badly damaged. But after more than 200mm of rain the following Thursday morning (20-11-08) the floodwaters wreaked havoc. Walton Bridge is the confluence of Fish and Enoggera creeks and in some places the floodwaters can’t spread out so they become a destructive torrent, uprooting trees.

Mature Blue Gum down in the park

This Eucalyptus tereticornis took out a mature Hoop Pine, power lines, and a fence on its way down.

Jevons Street Park

Carsuarina down, Jevons Street

Footbridge flooded, junction of Fish and Enoggera

Tallowwood down, Fish Creek

Skatebowl a swimming pool, again!

SOWN trailer, on its side

Fish Creek walkbridge, Grevillea robusta down