Enoggera Catchment Creek Health Monitoring Program


Enoggera Catchment Creek Health Monitoring Program

Hi All just a reminder that the Creek Health Monitoring Program is on this Sunday, if you would like to participate at one of the 6 sites throughout the catchment there is still time for you to join in, contact Leo Lee on 0409 536 533 or email enoggerachmp@bigpond.com

Members meeting Wednesday 18 Nov 2015, 6pm

Our members meeting has three important issues to discuss

A. The New Lease for SOWN and the cottage

Currently SOWN holds a single licence on the land occupied by both nurseries at Paten Park that expires in February 2016. The land is to be resurveyed by the Brisbane City Council in preparation for the granting 4 year leases to SOWN and Paten Park Native Nursery.
Five scenarios have been proposed for the division of the Paten Park site and are as follows.
1. SOWN take a single lease over all of the site and PPNN be a tenant.
2. PPNN hold the single lease and SOWN be the tenant.
3 Both SOWN and PPNN hold leases over their respective nursery sites with the cottage being held as a join lease by both groups.
4. SOWN hold a lease over its nursery and the cottage with PPNN renting cottage space from SOWN and PPNN have a lease on its nursery.
5. PPNN hold a lease over its nursery and the cottage with SOWN renting space in the cottage and having a lease over its nursery.

Both the SOWN committee and PPNN have recommended that option 3 is the most suitable for the requirement of both groups

Members meeting topic B – What are we doing?

B. What is happening in our catchment. Since becoming president I have been trying to identify which groups are doing what in our catchment. Besides SOWN, we have Brain and Mot, then there is CCA, Green Army, What’s your nature and more doing environmental work in our catchment. Our problem is that these projects at times overlap and the work is done twice, or if more than one organisation finds out another one is interested in a project it get abandoned by all groups. Also there are our relationships with AGCC, Energex SEQcatchments and SEQWater to consider. Come an have your say find our where you fit in and if we can give you more assistance in you projects.

Members Meeting topic C – SEQwater

C. Finally topics raised with SEQwater including Environmental Flows , the breaching of the weir in Bancroft Park and bushcare on SEQwater sites will be discussed. Mike Foster, SEQWatwer’s Manager External Relations and a colleague will attend to outline the activities and relationship of SEQWater in the catchment and answer your questions.

Community and catchment residents welcome

We hope to reach as many people as possible the public and community are invited to attend this meeting.

Further enquiries : Leo 0409 536 533 or email info@saveourwaterways now.com.au