Enoggera Catchment Creek Health Monitoring Program


CHMP 15th Nov and Members Meeting 18 Nov

Sunday 15th of November
The next survey in this series will be held on the Sunday 15th of November. There are thirty SOWN and community individuals who have put up their hands to help with this survey. This is well short of the 60 people we need for full implementation of the survey. Both SOWN members and anyone interested are encouraged to join this activity.
Here is a chance to learn new and interesting thing about your catchment. Although most of us want to improve our local creek, we don’t often know what is in the creek or if our work is having any real impact on our waterways. What is the state of our waterway and how much is our work improving the conditions for the plants and animals that are living in the creek? Please contact Leo on 0409 536 533 if you would like to join this survey, no experience is necessary, just your enthusiasm.

Meeting with SEQwater
Our next members meeting will be on Wednesday evening starting at 6pm 18th November 2015 in the Twahamwe Cottage 57 Paten Road, The Gap.
SEQwater has requested a meeting with members following enquiries from SOWN and members regarding the future of the Enoggera Catchment. The discussion with SEQwater will be preceded by an attempt to outlay the major environmental activities that are being conducted or are planned in the catchment.
Various organisations are active within the Enoggera catchment with little attempt to co-ordinate these projects, the Green Army, Brisbane City Council and various other environmental groups (BRAIN, Men of the Trees)are active within our catchment. SOWN has funds available to conduct large bush care projects from the Federal Government “What’s you nature” grant. There are indications that there are between 40 and 95 sites being revegetated by SOWN members on top of the 21 Habitat Brisbane sites. Does anyone really know what is happening in the Enoggera Catchment?
SEQwater has been contacted about two projects that will affect the whole of catchment. One is the removal of the weir in Bancroft Park at Kelvin Grove which currently creates a barrier between the esturine and freshwater of the Enoggera Catchment. The second enquiry regards the implementation of environmental flows being conducted from the Enoggera Reservoir. Given the number of activities that SOWN is conducting or impacts on our work this is an important meeting and I urge you to attend.
All interested parties and community members are invited to attend, for further information contact Leo Lee on 0409 536 533

NEW Cold Room for our Seed Bank
SOWN has received a grant of $5000 ex gst from the Gap Ward Office to purchase a new cold room to house our seed bank. Counsellor Steve Toomey has recently signed off on the Suburban Initiative Fund grant that will allow us to purchase a cold room. The coldroom will allow us to expand our seed bank while at the same time reduce our carbon footprint. It is anticipated that the cold room will use less electricity and keep the seeds in more controlled environment than the current three door drink fridge. SOWN and PPNN will contribute the balance of the cost of the new cold room which will be partially offset by the sale of the three door display drink fridge. Some members may not be aware that SOWN was given the seed bank when we took over the nursery from Greening Australia. Both SOWN and PPNN share the collection and use of the seed in the bank.