Elaeocarpus obovatus (ELAEOCARPACEAE) Hard Quandong

Plants to Plant

A medium to large tree suitable for larger gardens and windbreaks, common pioneer and remnant. Attractive in both flower and fruit. Hard propably refers to the wood, which is harder than theBlue Quandong E. grandis. Host plant for larvae of Fiery Jewel Hypochrysops ignita. Said to be fast growing but not particularly so in the wild in the Enoggera catchment in dry years, may need better rainfall to perform well.

Photo: Robert Whyte


White, bell-shaped flowers September to November, sometimes spectacular, masses of small flowers being delicate, fringed and lampshade-like, similar to but smaller than the flowers of E. grandis.

Photo: Robert Whyte


Fruit is a blue drupe January to April attractive to birds, especially Silvereyes. Aborigines made necklaces out of the seed after eating the flesh. Germination seemingly impossible in the nursery, cuttings strike readily.
Photo: Robert Whyte