Ehretia acuminata (BORAGINACEAE) Koda

Plants to Plant

Tree to 30 m in margins of rainforest and disturbed rainforest. Leaves simple, alternate, toothed, elliptic-ovate leaves with 3-4 cm petioles. Small white perfumed flowers in panicles in spring. Sweet tasting, edible drupe, orange turning brown to 7 mm in summer. Attractive to birds. Excellent hardy shade tree for larger acreage and parks. Ehretia after G. D. Ehret 1708-1770, a distinguished German-born botanical artist; acuminata from Latin acuminatus drawn out or terminating very gradually into a long, narrow point, in reference to the leaf tip. Germination rapid from fresh seed. Timber suitable for flooring and cabinetwork. Fruit eaten by Aborigines.

Photo: Robert Whyte