Easter Saturday Plant Giveaway Bonanza


After a relaxing Good Friday, those people sensible enough to avoid the traffic gridlock (to grab a few seconds at the beach then more gridlock) will be so refreshed and full of energy the only thing on their minds will be “what can I plant today?”

SOWN to the rescue! Come in on Easter Saturday and get THE AMAZING TWO FOR ONE DEAL at half price! Yes, you read it right. Two trays of any Enoggera habitat restoration plants twice as free as they usually are!

Can free plants for SOWN members get any freer?

Yes, when members give them their freedom to grow be one with the natural habitat. Free these free plants by casting away their plastic-tube-shackles (don’t cast them too far though you know you have to rinse them and bring them back).

What could be a better time in this gorgeous Autumn weather.

The nursery will be open this Easter Saurday 19 April 2015 9am – 11am.

See you there! ;-p