Drypetes deplanchei (PUTRANJIVACEAE) Yellow Tulipwood

Plants to Plant

Medium-sized tree to 20 m common in dry rainforest. Also in littoral and riverine rainforests. Yellow male and female flowers on separate trees from September to October. Red-orange fruit is a drupe ripe January to March. Hardy shade tree, with edible friuit and leaves which attracts bird life to the garden. Grows easily from seed, though germination can be slow. Traditional Aboriginal uses include eating fruit raw, using leaves in cooking and wood for carvings. Fruit eaten by Emerald Dove, Topknot Pigeon and Wompoo Fruit Dove. Host plant for larvae of Common or Yellow Albatross Appias paulina ega. The caterpillar is grey and green with a white dorsal stripe and numerous raised black spots. When resting, it normally lies along the midrib of a foodplant leaf.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Foliage With Ants

This Yellow Tulip near the Fursman Bridge, Yoorala Street The Gap is home for a nest black ants Polyrhachis sp.

Photo: Robert Whyte