Dissiliaria baloghioides (PICRODENDRACEAE) Lancewood, Hauer

Plants to Plant

Medium tree to about 30 m in dry rainforest. It is uncommon with a number of disjunct populations. Found in South-East Queensland. Flowers are small, creamy brown in branched stalks from the branchlet apex and appear January to June. Fruit is a hairy, yellow brown splitting capsule about 10 mm in diameter ripe from June to December. Good garden use, though hard to find in nurseries. It would be suitable for a larger garden or acreage planting. Flushes of new growth are red to pink turning lime green. This is a very hardy plant. Not edible. Easily propagated from fresh seed. This tree has very hard wood and was used by Aborigines (as the common name suggests) for spear construction.

Kenneth McClymont © 2002