Diploglottis campbellii (SAPINDACEAE) Small-leaved Tamarind

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Compact rainforest canopy tree to 20 m high. Endangered. Extremely rare in the wild. Leaves are 10-35 cm long and comprise 4-8 leaflets. The leaflets are elliptic-oblong to more or less ovate, mostly 5-10 cm long, 2-4 cm wide, apex acute or shortly acuminate, base asymmetric, both surfaces more or less hairless, upper surface glossy, lower surface paler and more or less dull. Leaf stalk 3-6 cm long. Leaflet stalk 2-5 mm long. Inflorescence is a panicle. Flowers creamy-brown. Fruit is a hairless more or less depressed-globose capsule, usually with two lobes (occasionally with one or three lobes). Each lobe holds a single seed with a deep pink-red, or rarely yellow, shiny aril. The habitat of D. campbellii has been largely modified through land clearing. The majority of individuals are in small rainforest remnants, along road verges, or as remnant trees upon cleared land.

Photo: Robert Whyte