Diplocyclos palmatus (CUCURBITACEAE) Striped Cucumber, Native Bryony

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A slender tendril climbing vine growing up to 4 m tall usually on the margins and in the rainforest ecotone. This is a hardy but short-lived plant. It is unforunate that it has the name cucumber because it is NOT edible. All parts of this plant are extremely poisonous, so probably not advisable for garden use. Children have died after eating the fruit. Leaves alternate, bright green 3-7 lobed leaves with entire or toothed margins to 13 cm long. Can be smooth or softly hairy. Greenish and small axillary clusters of flowers from November to January. Red- yellow ovoid berries up to 2.5 cm long with distinct white stripes. Ripe January to May. Propagate from fresh seed with pulp removed and stem cuttings.

Photo: Robert Whyte