Desperate cry for Wednesday Nursery volunteers!

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Remember when the Wednesday Nursery crew was like this? When there were so many people there was a queue round the shed to wash dirty tubes?

Sadly, those days are gone. Many volunteers have retired, some have moved away, some have gone to the great nursery in the sky and some have even got full time jobs!

A few stalwarts (much cherished!) are left to tend the benches where tumbleweeds blow and the only sound is the mournful cry of the Bush Curlew. Oh, and the 10am cry of “Morning tea!”

Can you spare a half day Wednesday?

The SOWN nursery needs a new crew. There are plenty of tasks and everything is well documented. Every week there is plenty of germination, propagation and good conversation.

Can you help? Please say yes. Just one Wednesday every now and again is fine. The Nursery is open for volunteers 8am – 12 with morning tea at 10am.

If you can help, please register with the email below, to let Glenn know when you’ll be coming.

Can you help? – email Glenn Withers