Deposit on wire trays may be necessary!


Please return the wire trays to the nursery

Now is a good time to return any wire trays to the nursery.
You can leave the trays next to the main gate at any time, even when the nursery is closed.
Of the 220+ wire trays owned by the nursery we only have a few in the nursery available for filling at the present time. These trays are expensive relative to our budget and it makes it difficult to provide free plants if we have to keep buying more trays to maintain supply.
Unfortunately we may have to implement a system of deposit and refunds if the currently owned trays are not returned in a timely manner. So help us avoid implementing the imposition of deposits on trays by returning your wire trays during these holidays. Drop them off, beside the nursery gate at any time, the trays will be moved inside every few days by our volunteers.