Dendrocnide photinophylla (URTICACEAE) Shiny-leaved Stinging Tree

Plants to Plant

Small tree to 15 m, in warmer rainforest, especially drier types, north from Richmond area, not common south of Seal Rocks, NSW. Trunk often flanged or buttressed, stinging hairs usually not very irritant. Leaves mostly elliptic to ovate, to 13 cm long, base cuneate to rounded, sometimes cordate; margins crenate to entire, more deeply toothed on sapling leaves; scattered translucent dots usually visible; upper surface glossy, more or less shiny; lower surface more or less dull, with 2 or more large domatia; petiole usually 2–5 cm long.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Foliage and Flowers

Flowers in summer and winter.