Dendrelaphis punctulata (COLUBRIDAE) Common Tree Snake


Agile and slender, the Common Tree Snake is a non-venomous snake to 2 m usually a little over 1 m. Colour varies from green to yellowish-green, brownish-green, black, can even be blue in a rare form. Under threat, raises itself revealing splashes of blue between its scales. Mainly active during the day, sometimes encountered in the early evening, feeding on frogs and other reptiles, sleeps at night in tree hollows, crevices and foliage.

Look Out For Lizards and Snakes

Spring brings warm days that wake up the reptiles. So when you’re out and about keep an eye out for the sleepy snakes and lazy lizards. Too many end up as road kill at that time of the year.

Snake killed in spring on the road, a common occurrence near bushland. Photo: Robert Whyte