Davidson Street and Corbie Street post-flood restoration work


SOWN was pleased to join with Davidson Street and Corbie Street bushcare sites in their joint working bee on Saturday afternoon 23 April.

It was also great to have our supportive Habitat Brisbane officer, Jodi Rees, come along and neighbouring bushcare group leader, Kelvin Barfoot of Tennis Avenue. What a great bushcare community!

To those that have missed it the interactive walk was been reinstated.

Our local councillor, Steve Toomey, joined the efficient crew that made light work of the 300 plants then went in at Corbie Street replacing the invasive taro plants that emerged from the seed bank in the creek after the floods.

After a good afternoon’s work it was great to share some food, drinks and stories afterwards.

Thank you Davidson St and Corbie Street for organising the event.

This was the first time for the SOWN bushcare army to go out and help our bushcare groups.

If your bushcare group would like some extra hands, especially post floods, please reach out to us at info@saveourwaterwaysnow.com.

Volunteers at the Davidson Street – Corbie Park joint working bee. PHOTO: Renee McGlashan

Watering the newly planted plants. PHOTO: Renee McGlashan

Rescuing lomandras. PHOTO: Renee McGlashan