Daphnandra sp McPherson Range (MONIMIACEAE) Socketwood, Sassafras

Plants to Plant

Small to medium rainforest tree, often in rocky areas near creeks. Host plant for larvae of Macleays Swallowtail Graphium macleayanus, a handsome butterfly with rich green colour on underside of wing contrasting with a mostly black-and-white upperwing. Leaves mostly obovate to elliptic, to 17 cm long, margins finely toothed. Interestingly, the leaves dry dull olive-grey to blackish. Petiole is 3-8 mm long. This species is very similar to Daphnandra micrantha which is found in New South Wales but not in Queensland. Branches often break off leaving a ball and socket like joint, hence the common name. Daphnadra spp. are shrubs or trees, not strongly aromatic; young stems flattened at nodes.

Photo: Robert Whyte