Cupaniopsis anacardioides (SAPINDACEAE) Tuckeroo

Plants to Plant

A quick hardy small tree to 8 m. Good for extreme coastal conditions. Bird attracting. Good shade tree, dislikes heavy frost. Commonly planted street tree in Brisbane. Although native to the easterly sections of Enoggera catchment most examples are recent – a result of birds spreading seed inland. It is widespread and common on the South-East Queensland coast.
Photo: Robert Whyte


Cupaniopsis from Latin cupania, a tropical genus and named after 17th century botanist, Francesca Cupani, and Greek opsis resemblance, referring to the close relationship of these Australian and New Caledonian species to cupania. Anacardioides from Latin anacardium and Greek eidos resembling, because of the similarity in foliage to that of a species of Anacardium. Also known as Green-leaved Tamarind, Beach Tamarind, Carrotwood, Cashew-leaf Cupania, Brush Deal, Cupania Tree, Tamarind, Yowarro.

Photo: Robert Whyte