Cryptocarya microneura (LAURACEAE) Murrogun, Brown jack, Murrogun laurel

A medium tree growing up to 20 m with simple, alternate leaves, blade dark glossy green above, paler almost glaucescent below. Leaves are oblong-elliptical drawn to a narrow blunt point at apex, 6-12 cm long.

White flowers in panicles from leaf axil or terminal. Flowering September to November. Black, globular drupe 6-12 mm long is ripe December to February.

Flowers and foliage Photo: Robert Whyte

Host plant

Host plant for larvae of Blue Triangle (Graphium sarpedon choredon), Bronze Flat (Netrocoryne repanda repanda) and Common Red-eye or Eastern Dusk-flat (Chaetocneme beata) butterflies.

Blue Triangle butterflies

Flower buds

Flower buds began appearing in the first week of September.

In some years, few if any flowers appear on the Murrogun and in others the flowers are profuse.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Foliage and fruit (green)

Fruit is a black, globular drupe 6-12 mm long, ripe December to February. This photograph shows some of the fruit still green but full size.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Foliage and fruit (purple)

This photograph shows the fruit blue-purple but full size, on its way to being black.

Photo: Robert Whyte