Small to medium tree to 15 m in littoral, riverine rainforest, northern NSW to Southeastern Queensland, and North Queensland. Large Fruit, December january

Attractive small bushy tree for average sized gardens. Attracts birds. Dense crown of dark green leaves.

Propagation from fresh seed, removed from the flesh.

Cryptocarya from Greek kryptos, concealed, and carya, nut, stone or kernel, alluding to the fleshy perianth enclosing the hard seed.

Laevigata from Latin laevigatus smooth and polished in reference to the glossy leaves.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Flowers and glossy foliage

Flower are in panicles from leaf axils in spring – summer. (See next photo for a close-up.)

Cryptocarya is a successful understorey shrub – can tolerate shade. Can be quite common and abundant.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Fruit, flowers

Photos by three BRAIN members, from left to right foliage and fruit by Dave Somerville, flower closeup by Paul Donatiu and fruit closeup by Derek Boddington

Photo: Robert Whyte