Cryptocarya glaucescens (LAURACEAE) Jackwood

Plants to Plant

A medium tree to 20 m in subtropical and dry rainforest, also on margins and in regrowth, north from Bega district. Twigs mostly yellowish. Leaves simple, alternate, dark glossy green above, pale, glaucescent, ashy green waxy bloom below. Mostly oblong, elliptical, sometimes lanceolate, to 13 cm long, apex shortly drawn out to a blunt point, base tapered to rounded. Midrib broad and yellowish, reticulate visible when leaf blade held against light. Petiole to 12 mm long, yellowish.

Photo: Robert Whyte


Fruit a drupe, compressed-globose, ribbed or lobed, 12-18 mm in diameter, black and glossy when ripe. A very useful species in regeneration of dry rainforest, common along the creeklines and up into remnant scrub. Similar to the other local Cryptocaryas, C. microneura and C. triplinervis. Host plant for larvae of Blue Triangle Graphium sarpedon choredon, Macleay’s Swallowtail Graphium macleayanus, Bronze Flat Netrocoryne repanda repanda.
Photo: Robert Whyte