Critically endangered rainforest survives in The Gap

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Bushland on the banks of Enoggera Creek in The Gap has been recognised as rainforest of national significance.

A survey conducted in The Gap in 2022-23 has concluded that the area supports the nationally listed, critically endangered Lowland Rainforest of Subtropical Australia ecological community.

Coordinator John Abbott said the survey was part of the Protect The Gap Rainforest project which was initiated by SOWN in 2022 and supported by Brisbane City Council’s Habitat Brisbane program.

“The survey was conducted less than 10 kilometres from Brisbane’s CBD.

“It focused on six rehabilitation sites on the banks of Enoggera Creek between Enoggera Reservoir and Walton Bridge Reserve at The Gap,” John said.

Surveys were conducted at these Habitat Brisbane sites:

  • Yoorala Street
  • Watercress Farm
  • Bob Wilson, Raiweena Street
  • Nicholas Park
  • Walton Bridge Reserve
  • Glenella Street Park

Botanist Rob Price assisted volunteers and BCC Habitat Brisbane officers to confirm identification of plant species and then he compiled a Statement of Significance.

“We now know that numerous trees here are several hundreds of years old,” John said.

One Brush box Lophostemon confertus was estimated to be 370 years old.

Numerous Weeping lilly pilly Waterhousea floribunda were mature trees prior to British colonisation.

Threatened species found included the vulnerable Macadamia nut Macadamia integrifolia as well as two rare and critically endangered species, Native guava Rhodomyrtus psidioides and Scrub turpentine Rhodamnia rubescens.

Several rainforest species found are from ancient plant lineages which evolved prior to the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

John said the next step for Save Our Waterways Now was to work with the local community and government to preserve the rainforest.

Read The Gap Rainforest Statement of Significance PDF 4.9 MB

See below for the map of the survey area featuring some of the trees and vines of significance.

Rainforest at Enoggera Creek at Walton Bridge Reserve. PHOTO: Mark Crocker

Richmond birdwing butterfly vine Pararistolochia pravenosa at Riaweena Street. PHOTO: Mark Crocker

Creek walk and survey on 22 October 2022 L-R: Bob Whiteman, Kerry Williamson, Brenda Keough, project botanist Rob Price, Brendan McIntyre, Nomusa Nzama, John Abbott, Janet Mangan, Ed Bennett. PHOTO: Anne Jones