Crinum pedunculatum (AMARYLLIDACAE) Swamp Lily, River Lily

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A clumping, perennial lily, with strap-like fleshy leaves to 1 m by 10 cm. Grows along creeks and rivers, and in swampy areas. Its range is coastal Queensland and New South Wales as far south as Newcastle. Hardy and shade tolerant plant which will grow in damp spots. A useful plant for creek edges, Crinum is a genus of about 100 species, most of which occur in Africa. There are five species native to Australia. Crinum from Greek crinon, a lily, pedunculatum from Latin pedunculatus, meaning “with a peduncle”, referring to the long flower stalks. Large white, scented, heads of flowers on stems up to 1.5 m long from October to January. Large, globular, pale green, beaked fruit to 4 cm across. Easily propagated from seed. Attracts birds, butterflies and moths. Caterpillars of the moth Spodoptera picta feed on the leaves and can quickly destroy the plant.

Photo: John Abbott


Photo: Robert Whyte

Photo: Mark Crocker