Conyza bonariensis (ASTERACEAE) Flax-Leaved Fleabane

Weeds to Whack

Conyza or fleabanes are upright annuals from America. Flowers produced in summer on branched inflorescences form a terminal pyramid-shape. Also known as Hairy Fleabane, Asthmaweed, South American Horseweed, South American Conyza. Widespread weed, risk: medium. Grey-hairy herb, usually not much more than a metre tall, best distinguished by its stem which branches below each pyramid of inflorescences, resulting in a candelabra shape.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Flower Close-up

Conyza bonariensis is found throughout the tropics and subtropics as a weed. Its precise native origin is unknown, but most likely Central America or South America. The species name “bonariensis” suggests it is from Argentina.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Flowers Close-up With Insects

Other fleabanes include Tall Fleabane C. sumatrensis, C. canadensis var. pusilla and C. canadensis var. canadensis. This photograph was taken at Walton Bridge Reserve, The Gap.

Photo: Robert Whyte