Christmas message at twilight markets


The SOWN stall at The Gap Twilight Markets on 26 November was an opportunity to wish many locals a merry Christmas including local State member for Cooper Jonty Bush MP who dropped in to say hello.

It was also an opportunity to inform our community about lovely native plants that can be mistaken for weeds. If you learn to recognise our native plants you might find there are lots already growing in your garden.

Native plants on display included:

  • Blue Commelina Commelina diffusa – often considered a weed of damp or shady places, gardens and along watercourses and may be mistaken for other non-native Commelina spp.

  • Slender Sedge Cyperus gracilis – this tiny sedge pops up in local gardens and will form a tufted lawn if encouraged.

  • Creeping Beard Grass Oplismenus aemulus – a pretty grass with crinkle-cut leaves which can be mistaken for weedy Creeping Inch plant.

L-R Janet Mangan, Renee McGlashan, Jonty Bush MP and Ed Bennett in front of the SOWN stall at the 2022 Twilight Market.