Chaprowe Road Bushcare Group

Fish Creek

Group convenor: Glenys Carlson

The Chaprowe Road Bushcare Group have been working for over 10 years to restore a stretch of Fish Creek downstream from Settlement Road towards The Gap State School.

The work is challenging due to the sandy, unstable nature of the creek banks. The group have successfully revegetated large sections of the creek with the aid of planting, weeding and jute matting.

This is a Habitat Brisbane group and is supported by Brisbane City Council and SOWN.

For more information about the group, please phone Glenys on 07 3300 5460.



When Glenys Carlson first moved to The Gap in 1998, she couldn’t help noticing the weeds along Fish Creek. She soon heard of SOWN and inherited the Chaprowe Road group, which had planted an area at the top of Settlers Gully. A few neighbours held a working bee near Proctors Bridge and slowly the group started weeding and planting.

Over several years this work was boosted by the mysterious Creek Faeries. Occasionally they would find a new area had been weed-matted and planted out, until these plantings reached the Pangella Street footbridge. They didn’t ever see anyone doing this work, and so the term ‘The Creek Faeries’ was coined. Several years later the Habitat Brisbane Officer was unable to find out any information about this work. The Faeries are not into follow-up weeding, but the group has been glad to look after their plantings.

The group’s area has now developed into a riparian canopy which provides food for many birds and other bush creatures and shades the creek.

The group’s dream is for the plantings to one day meet up with the SOWN groups working upstream and downstream, and for Fish Creek to fully flourish once again.

Drifts of Dianellas at Chaprowe Road bushcare site