Celebrity Guest does cameo on Saturday Roster


Rob is on the roster at the nursery this Saturday and next Saturday (Easter Saturday traditionally our biggest ever nursery Saturday). Come on in and get heaps of plants for your bushcare site.

He just can’t stay away. Robert Whyte, who recently managed the SOWN nursery’s upgrade and extension project (funded by a Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Grant) is back this Saturday doing a stint 9am-11am, helping people choose and cart away thousands of tubestock ready to go into the recently-moistened ground.

The SOWN nursery is bursting at the seams with plants bursting out of their tubes. There has never been a better time to plant, with the mild autumn weather conducive to settling in. Get your plants in now, and they will over-winter easily then kick on when the spring comes.

Come in and make Rob work!