Calling All Woodworkers, Turners and Crafters!


Recently SOWN received $10,000 from the Energex Sustainability Fund to explore the sustainable use of weed tree timber (SUWTT) for hobby and commercial use. This project includes developing a publication for the residents of Enoggera catchment and will culminate in a SUWTT fair for World Environment Day in June 2013.

SOWN volunteer Anne Jones at the 2012 Maleny Wood Expo. Photo: Robert Whyte

The ultimate aim of the project is to raise awareness about the threat weed trees pose to natural areas and engage local residents in positive actions to remove them.

One of the timbers we are really keen to explore is Camphor Laurel but we only have a limited supply of seasoned timber to work with. We are hoping to source a few more slabs or offcuts for use in our projects – any donations would be appreciated!

We are also seeking people with experience in basketry or other crafts which utilise weed trees and vines like Cats Claw Creeper. If you have any interest, skills or experience working with Camphor Laurel or other weed tree timbers to make craft items/art/instruments etc then we would love to hear from you.

Please contact Sarah-Jane Abbott to share your tips and suggestions or register your interest in this project: