Buddleja madagascariensis (BUDDLEJACEAE) Buddleia, Butterfly Bush, Smoke Bush

Weeds to Whack

Sprawling shrub native to Madagascar, widely cultivated and often becoming naturalized in tropical and subtropical regions. Attracts butterflies. Invasive and high risk in the Pacific Islands. Stems densely tomentose (hairy). Leaves opposite, narrowly ovate, lower surface densely tomentose, margins entire.

Photo: Mark Crocker


Flowers in terminal cymes, corolla orange, densely tomentose externally, glabrous (not hairy) within. Fruit white, becoming bluish purple at maturity, fleshy, globose, indehiscent, around 2.5 mm in diameter. Bird-dispersed. Seeds ellipsoid, around 1 mm long.
Photo: Sheldon Navie