Bryophyllum pinnatum (CRASSULACEAE) Live-leaf, Live Plant, Resurrection Plant, Green Mother-of-millions

Weeds to Whack

A perennial, fleshy (succulent) herb with an upright habit. Mostly found growing 60-120 cm tall but can sometimes grow to 2 m. An escaped garden plant, its origin is not known for certain. Bryophyllum species are mostly natives of Africa. Stems are robust, fleshy. Compound (pinnate) leaves are fleshy, oppositely arranged and the number of leaflets varies from one at the base to three and five higher up the plant. The leaflets are narrowly oval with the terminal leaflet being larger than the others. Tiny plantlets form the scalloped (crenated) leaflet margins. Flowers are yellowish green, tinged with pink or red, drooping (pendulous) bells up to 7 cm long arranged in branched inflorescences mainly during winter and spring. Fruit are membranous, with four compartments containing many minute seeds. Not declared noxious in Queensland. It is noxious in New South Wales and prohibited entry into Western Australia. It is suspected that this weed is poisonous to stock.

Photo: Robert Whyte