Broussonetia papyrifera (MORACEAE) Paper Mulberry

Weeds to Whack

A deciduous tree to 15 metres tall native to eastern Asia with large, pale-green, variably shaped leaves, lobed leaves more frequent on fast-growing young plants. Leaves have a rough surface above, are fuzzy-downy below and have a finely serrated margin. Orange-red fruits are edible and sweet, but are too fragile to be commercialised. Flowering has produced severe pollen allergy. The bark’s very strong fibres are sometimes made into paper.
Photo: Steve Paterson

Attacking the Infestation

This weed has taken hold in the upper Ithaca Creek catchment, disturbing because elsewhere, especially Islamabad, it has is highly invasive. It is also prone to being blown down by high winds because of its shallow roots. It has an extremely sticky sap capably of staining clothes. After cutting, if not poisoned it will quickly coppice. This is a dangerous weed and a candidate for high priority removal.
Photo: Steve Paterson

More About the Infestation

Paper Mulberry was found along Ithaca Creek. Read the story of the site where this new weed was found at Freers Farm, Bardon.

Photo: Robert Whyte