Brisbane’s Most Wanted – Episode 8 of SOWN TV


All citizens are warned to be on the lookout for the “Brisbane Strangler” (Balloon Vine) and “Mother of Millions” (Bryophyllum species). If sighted, Please report them immediately to your local bushcare group.

Brought to you by Save Our Waterways Now (SOWN) in the interests of environmental safety.

Concept, voiceover, camera and editing: STEVE PATERSON.

Production supervisor and script: MALCOLM PATERSON.

** Note on the style: This one is a satire of sorts, posing a couple of well known weeds as “most wanted” in the style of tabloid TV. Steve Paterson (Grade 11) came up with the idea of doing a humourous yet informative short film as his school community service project, during which he spent 20 hours volunteering with SOWN. We hope you like it.