Birdwing Vine Stocktake and New Spiders Book


Richmond Birdwing Vine Stocktake

Male Richmond birdwing butterfly

Brisbane City Council, Land for Wildlife (LFW) officers are doing a stocktake of Richmond birdwing butterfly vine (Pararistolochia praevenosa) plantings on private and public land, throughout the western suburbs of Brisbane.

They want to get a picture of how many vines are already out there in the catchment and to identify gaps to connect up.

If you are able to contribute, can you please respond to the questions below regarding any plantings on sites you know about?
* How many vines have been planted?
* How many vines are alive?
* Age of vines?
* Height of vines?
* Climbing plant or not?
* Overall condition of the vines?
* Location?
* Is there any potential planting for more vines?

Please email your responses to our BCC Creek Catchment Officer, Leah Hattendorff at

Australian Spiders Galore

Long time SOWN member and former director Rob Whyte’s spiders book is now available. It’s called ‘A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia (CSIRO Publishing) by Rob Whyte and Greg Anderson.

It contains everything you ever wanted to know about Australian spiders, including new species and has lots of Rob’s wonderful photos.

You can find out more about spiders and order the the book by clicking on the link to below..

Link to