Birdlife along our creeks

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An unexpectedly wet summer has breathed life into our creeks with improved conditions and more food for wildlife especially birds.

Late last year local bird photographer Damien Mckenzie had been hoping to photograph the beautiful Azure Kingfisher Ceyx azurea which he had noticed often perched on a tree branch in Enoggera Creek.

The little Azure Kingfishers are tricky to photograph. It’s difficult to get close and they are so small, you need a camera with a very long lens. Added to the difficulty, when disturbed the Azure Kingfisher takes off flying in a blur of speed along the creek.

After several patient attempts, Damien captured these stunning images of the Azure Kingfisher with a fish in its mouth and then feeding the fish to its chick.

Damien said it was quite challenging because of the lighting conditions at the time.

“But it was a great experience to watch one of the juveniles being fed with a pretty large fish,” he said.

Anne Jones from Walton Bridge bushcare had met Damien one morning as he was walking under Walton Bridge in pursuit of the Azure Kingfisher.

With the kingfisher out of sight, Damien pointed out where there were Spangled Drongos Dicrurus bracteatus nesting high up in a tree next to the skate park. He had also been photographing these striking birds and their nest.

“It has been fun watching the Spangled Drongo babies grow up,” he said.

The Spangled Drongos visit south-east Queensland in the summer months and build nests all along the creek before flying north again in the cooler months.

Another recent visitor to the creek was the much larger Royal Spoonbill Platalea regia. Damien took the photograph shown here in 2023.

In January 2024, using his mobile phone, local Max Crocker captured movie footage of a Royal Spoonbill and an Australasian Darter Anhinga novaehollandiae foraging in the creek.  Click on this link to see the movie.

Thanks to Damien Mckenzie and Max Crocker for the images.

Royal Spoonbill in Enoggera Creek at The Gap PHOTO Damien Mckenzie

Azure Kingfisher feeding its chick, on the left PHOTO Damien Mckenzie

Azure Kingfisher with catch at Enoggera Creek Walton Bridge Reserve PHOTO Damien Mckenzie

Spangled Drongo Dicrurus bracteatus adult with young on nest at Enoggera Creek PHOTO Damien Mckenzie