Bergera koenigii (RUTACEAE) Curry Tree

Weeds to Whack

Curry Tree is another emerging weed in the Enoggera catchment, not as serious as Mock Orange, but appearing in greater numbers every year. It is a small tree native to the Indian subcontinent, growing 4-6 m tall, with a trunk up to 40 cm diameter. The leaves are pinnate, with 11-21 leaflets, each leaflet 2-4 cm long and 1-2 cm broad. The leaves are commonly used as seasoning in Indian and Sri Lankan cooking, much like bay leaves and especially in curries with fish or coconut milk. They are grown in Brisbane gardens by curry lovers, from where they have spread Into nearby bushland, carried by birds.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Immature Fruit, Foliage

Flowers are small, white and fragrant. Fruit are small, green then black, shiny berries. The fruit is edible, but the seeds are poisonous. The species name commemorates the botanist Johann Gerhard Koenig.
Photo: Robert Whyte