Banks Street butterfly bounty


Recent surveys at Banks Street Reserve have found 33 species of butterfly in just a few hours of hunting.

After a survey on 11 March 2021, organiser of Brisbane’s Big Butterfly Count, Jutta Godwin, said butterfly expert Cliff Meyer was totally taken by the area.

“Cliff said several times that we have barely tapped into the butterfly potential there,” she said.

Situated on Enoggera Creek between Ashgrove and Newmarket, Banks Street Reserve was once part of a lush subtropical rainforest called Three Mile Scrub.

When the area was cleared for housing development Banks Street Reserve was retained as open space.

While some areas of bushland were retained, there were extensive grassed areas and a market garden.

In the last few decades, Save Our Waterways Now (SOWN), Brisbane City Council, and six local bushcare groups have been working to revegetate the creek.

President John Abbott said in 2017 SOWN launched a long-term project to  Re-green  the Three Mile Scrub.

“If the Butterfly Count is anything to go by, our efforts to revegetate Banks Street Reserve are beginning to pay off,” he said.

Jutta Godwin said the visit to Banks Street Reserve was very exciting.

“Being able to observe a rainforest butterfly, the Jezebel Nymph Mynes geoffroyi, at eye height for a long time was incredibly special, and this butterfly also added to our overall Brisbane-wide tally.

“Considering the cloud cover on the day, the results were remarkable,” she said.

John Abbott said SOWN hopes to hold another butterfly count at Banks Street Reserve in autumn.

Banks Street Butterfly Count 20200311 SOWN President John Abbott and Joan Abbott examine an Imperial Hairstreak Jalmenus evagoras. PHOTO: Jutta Godwin

Butterfly Count Jezebel Nymph Mynes geoffroyi ovipositing on Native Mulberry Pipturus argenteus. PHOTO: John Abbott

Butterfly Count Imperial Hairstreak Jalmenus evagoras caught for identification. PHOTO: John Abbott