Back orders – Grasses and PFF books have now arrived

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All those who are still waiting delivery of their orders of books please email me (click the link at right) to tell me how you would like to pick them up, either from me at home, at Nursery, or at ToadShow.

New orders welcome. I have 6 Forest Floor and about 10 Grasses still available. Grasses is now sold out from Nullum, new edition with more Grasses in about a year.

The books are:

$10 Plants of the Forest Floor (including a CD of 268 gorgeous photos). (Normally $15)
$5 Grasses of the Tweed Valley of NSW. (Normally $10)

Use the email link in the sidebar column to the right. Make sure to say if you want just one, or both books. Purchases will be be available for pickup at the Nursery or Geraldine’s office (sorry, no posting).

These are indispensable guides to these often overlooked and misunderstood “little things”. Easy to read with excellent line drawings and clear descriptions. A field guide for beginners and experts alike. Grasses contains common weedy grasses. No more yanking native grasses by mistake! The grasses featured here are all common to Enoggera catchment. Species in “Forest Floor” include all kinds of herbs, groundcovers, twiners, climbers, tufties, and ferns.

The 268 photos on the CD (Forest Floor) are worth the price alone. They cover all the species mentioned and many more. Three samples (resized low res for the web) are featured below.

Use the link in the sidebar to order. First come, first served!

Viola hederacea subsp. perreniformis Photo: Robert Price and Lui Weber

Xerochrysum bracteantha Mt Nardi Photo: Robert Price and Lui Weber

Lomandra multiflora Springbrook Photo: Robert Price and Lui Weber