Aviceda subcristata (ACCIPITRIDAE) Pacific Baza


Medium-sized hawk with distinctive horizontal barring on belly, erectile crest and bright yellow eyes. Also known as the crested hawk. Found in coastal and forested areas of Queensland and Northern Territory. Habitats include gallery rainforest and tropical and sub-tropical woodlands. Sometimes found in suburban parks and gardens. Widespread in Brisbane and Moreton Bay islands. Feeds on insects, birds and fruit, including stick insects, lizards and frogs in trees. Breeds in spring and summer in Brisbane and builds a flimsy-looking stick nest high in trees.

Baza Family in Paten Park

A pair of Bazas bred in Paten Park, The Gap in 2020-21 and successfully fledged two chicks. This process attracted a regular band of photographers and followers. Photographer Brian Coates kindly provided the photo below.

Adult male Pacific Baza and two chicks on the nest at Paten Park, 8 January 2021. PHOTO: © Brian Coates