Group Leader: Dean Wyatt

In 2019, a new Ashgrove Sports Ground Habitat Group was formed led by Dean Wyatt.

The group has commenced work across the footbridge at the northern end of Royal parade and has been holding regular working bees.

Please look out for our working bees in the Events Calendar on this website.

For more information, please contact Dean at

Army land

Much of the land on the northernside of the creek is Army land which, environmentally, is in pretty good nick.

2005 Group

2005 saw a new group led by SOWN Nursery Manager Colleen Farrell take on a stretch of creek midway round the Ashgrove Sports Ground between the Bowls Club and Marist Brothers.

Colleen’s site was a haven for Japanese Sunflower, Balloon Vine and Green Panic Grass.


Waterhousea floribunda by the waterside is a good sign.

Elephant’s ears (Colocasia esculenta – esculenta means edible) not so good, is also is doing fine along this bank. It will be a job for the waders.

Not too bad

One one side of the creek, at least, things are looking pretty good.