Ashgrove Sports Ground – early years

John Thompson began working on this site in 1996. John’s site extended from the ‘Banana’ bridge behind the bowls club, downstream on Enoggera Creek around the Ashgrove Sports Ground for some 300 metres.

A hillside to conquer

Dense weed here is protecting this bank from erosion.

A mixture

Some natural species here have been planted to create canopy. Once the canopy is established, the weeds can be removed. The remainder will die from lack of light and the suppressing action of Casuarine spp.

Steep banks

The banks of the creek here are very high, and in some places overhung.

Healthy replanting

This area shows good growth and some good remnant plants.

Japanese Sunflower

The weeds along the back of the Ashgrove are a mixture of tall shrubby species, Castor Oil Plant and Japanese Sunflower, elephant grass and other escaped pasture grasses.


Here some mulching has been done – more is always needed.


Balloon vine, mile-a-minute, morning glory and glycine are problems here, as everywhere.