Artamidae (Magpies et al)


Artamidae are mostly crow-like birds native to Australasia and nearby areas. The Cracticids – currawongs, Magpie and butcherbirds, subfamily Cracticinae – have large, straight bills and mostly black, white or grey plumage. They are highly intelligent and have beautiful songs of great subtlety. Particularly noteworthy are the Pied Butcherbird, the Pied Currawong and the Australian Magpie.


Cracticus nigrogularis (ARTAMIDAE) Pied Butcherbird

Medium-sized black and white bird throughout most of the Australian continent. Dark brown eyes and a long, hooked, grey bill with a black tip. Head…

Cracticus torquatus (ARTAMIDAE) Grey Butcherbird

Medium-sized grey and white bird with black head throughout most of the Australian continent in a range of different habitats including arid,…

Gymnorhina tibicen (ARTAMIDAE) Australian Magpie

The magpie Gymnorhina tibicen is common in parks and suburban gardens. Head, belly and tail tip are all black, splashes of white on wings, lower…

Strepera graculina (ARTAMIDAE) Pied Currawong

Large black bird with bright yellow eyes, white undertail and white wingtips found throughout eastern australian mainland, in forests and woodlands.