Art Meets Creeks


Waterways, Walkabout & Wi-Fi

Two intrepid Brisbane artists travelled 7500 km through Queensland on a mission to connect with nature – both physically, and via digital technologies.

Suzon Fuks and James Cunningham of Igneous traversed waterways from tropical Cairns, through the mining towns and dusty trails of the vast outback, exploring the theme of relationship to nature.

The pair has returned to Brisbane to present an interactive art installation called FLUIDATA. The exhibition opens at The Block, QUT Creative Industries Precinct on 13 June and will run to 20 June. Live performances will take place on 13, 19 & 20 June.

An interesting assemblage of speakers will present on a range of relevant topics at the opening on 13 June 13. For instance, art professor Dr Bree Hadley will discuss the work in the context of the international art scene, and actor-comedian Steven Oliver (of the popular television program Black Comedy) will speak about his personal connection to place growing up around the creeks of Cloncurry.

FLUIDATA Igneous – Freshwater Creek Cairns at top and Cloncurry Anabranch at bottom. Photo Suzon Fuks.

FLUIDATA is the internationally renowned artists’ largest exhibition to date. It features videos, photographs, data visualisations and interactive elements.

The stunning imagery offers insight into the condition of Queensland waterways and raises concerns for the State’s aquifers – the lifeblood of the land.

Visitors are able to browse media by location and hear the stories of local inhabitants of the regions the artists explored. Some of the interactive elements of the exhibition invite visitors to practice “embodied presence” – a way of experiencing the now.

The artists formulated the project synthesising their interests in mobility, technologies and nature – specifically waterways. The key endeavour was to explore conscious physical attentiveness to environments.

Accustomed to a life of immediacy, productivity and ‘getting there’ (the straight line), they made a deliberate decision to slow down, allowing their bodies (and digital devices) to absorb the landscape and the moment. “Slowly, we walked the way of the water (the meander)”.

On their journey, James and Suzon connected with councillors, artsworkers, university students, indigenous communities, locals and travellers, all of whom contributed to the exploration of the theme.

FLUIDATA has been created in collaboration with young interactive designer Matthew Davis, multimedia agency Inkahoots, and intermedia performance duo Bonemap (in Cairns).

The artists invite you to explore the interactive elements, feast on the natural beauty, enter into everyday people’s stories, allow yourself a break from the rush of city life and be transported to another mode of time.

FLUIDATA – an interactive installation by IGNEOUS

  • When: Opening 6pm 13 June, 13-20 June, 3-9pm – FREE ADMISSION
  • Where: The Block, QUT, Kelvin Grove

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