Large tree to 40 metres, in subtropical and dry rainforests in Queensland, NSW, New Guinea.

Leaves trifoliolate, hence the name, dark green above and silvery grey-green to brown underneath due To a scurf of miniature wheel like scales.

Pronounced ar-jir-o-DEN-dron.

Common names include: booyong, brown tulip/brown oak, silver tree, (brown) crow’s foot/silky elm, white/brown/red booyong, hickory, black stave wood/ash, highroot, stone/stave/iron wood, buyong, boyung, byong, boiong, ash meganti.

Argyrondendron from Greek “arguros”, white metal, i.e. silver and “dendron” a tree, referring to the underside of leaflets, young branchlets and inflorescence being covered by a silvery scurf of minute wheel-shaped scales; trifoliolatum from Latin “tres” three, and “foliatus” provided with or having leaves, referring to the compound leaf of three leaflets.