Are our Creek Rangers really biodiverse?

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You can find out by attending the annual Creek Ranger forum in June.

This year’s forum will focus on biodiversity to coincide with the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity.

The aim of this year’s forum is to increase the knowledge, skills and capacity of members of catchment groups, bushcare groups and other environmental community groups in the greater Brisbane area, to better understand indicators & methods of monitoring biodiversity, changes in trends relating to biodiversity (e.g. the impact of climate change) and how to effectively respond to threats to biodiversity, with relevance to the local area (Brisbane/SEQ Qld).

Participants will come from both urban and rural residential areas and will have an interest in the conservation of Brisbane’s waterways and natural areas (council & private land) and the conservation of the biodiversity richness of these areas.

This year it will be held on Sunday 20¬th June, 9am-3pm at the Griffith Uni Eco-Centre.

Be sure to keep the 20th of June open — all welcome. More details closer to the date.

Creek Ranger Michael Thorley assuring Richard Harding of SOWN that he really is very biodiverse.