Anas superciliosa (ANATIDAE) Pacific Black Duck


Actually brown, this dabbling duck can be quite tame in urban environments (where it is often seen). The dark line through the eye bordered with cream above and below and a dark brown crown are distinguishing characteristics. Upperwing colour same as the back, with a bright glossy green patch in the secondary flight feathers. White underwing is conspicuous in flight. Usually seen in pairs or small flocks. Readily mix with other ducks. Closely related to the Mallard A. platyrhynchos introduced into Australia from the Northern Hemisphere. Will interbreed where Mallards have been released. Habitat includes all types of water, from isolated forest pools to tidal mudflats, and is found in all but the most arid regions of Australia. Mainly vegetarian (seeds of aquatic plants) supplemented with small crustaceans, molluscs and aquatic insects.
Photo: Michael Oliver