Amphibolurus nobbi (AGAMIDAE) Nobbi Dragon


A small lizard, body length to 8 cm, tail to 19 cm (total length to 27 cm). A common lizard in dry eucalypt forest, especially with plentiful rocky outcrops. When disturbed they freeze in place, with the head held up at an angle. They have five rows of scales, one along the spine and the others along either side of the back. The similar Tommy Round-heads don’t have these. Body is grey to brown with dark blotches. There are two distinctive pale yellowish stripes along the back and on the flanks, sometimes broken and notched by angular dark crossbands. On mature males there are mauve or pink colours on the flanks and yellow stripes along the back are brighter. The tail (about twice the length of the body) can have a pinkish tinge. Nobbi Dragons feed chiefly on insects.

Photo: Dick Harding