Broad-headed Bugs (ALYDIDAE)

Bugs (Hemiptera)

The Broad-headed Bugs Alydidae are mostly tropical and subtropical. They have slender bodies, some with long and very thin legs. The head is broad, often similar in length and width to the pronotum and the scutellum. Compound eyes are globular and protruding, and they also have ocelli (simple eyes). Generally dark in colour with a colourful section of the abdomen hidden by the wings. Many produce a stink considered to be worse than that of true Stink Bugs Pentatomidae. Their main food is seeds. They are very similar to the closely-related Leaf-footed Bugs and relatives Coreidae.

Paddy Bug

Paddy Bugs Leptocorisa acuta also called Rice Ear Bugs are common on grass, feeding on grass seeds. They are a known pest of rice. It is similar to and sometimes confused with L. oratarius another rice pest.

Paddy Bug. Photo: Robert Whyte

Colourful Board-headed Bug Nymph

The Colourful Board-headed Noliphus erythrocephalus nymph has a body length of 20 mm. The adult bug has yellow and pink colours on abdomen with black bars on both sides. Legs green. Spines on thorax.
Photo: Robert Whyte