Alternanthera denticulata (AMARANTHACEAE) Lesser Joyweed

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A scrambling, prostrate, perennial herb found in damp grasslands, paper bark forest, boulder gaps and waterway margins. It has a slender but tough taproot and many branches that arise from ground level. The branches either spread along the ground or slope gently upwards, often rooting at the lower stem joints. Leaves are narrow and linear in shape with bluntly pointed tips. The base of the leaf is narrowed (sometimes forming a short stalk). Papery, white or pinkish flowers are a single flower or in a cluster of 2-3, stalkless and found in the leaf axils Flowering occurs most of the year but particularly from October to January. Fruit is a small, translucent, flattened, single-celled structure.

Foliage and flowers. Photo: Robert Whyte