Acetosa sagittata (POLYGONACEAE) Climbing Dock, Turkey Rhubarb

Weeds to Whack

Arrowhead-shaped, light green leaves, stems have purplish ridges running along the length. Large tubers, up to 15 cm long, form near the base of the plant, underground stems grow out with more tubers growing on these stems. Can regrow from the tubers or from the seed. Seedlings send down a taproot which quickly starts to swell to form a tuber.


Photo: Robert Whyte

Immature Fruits

Flowers form on the end of the stem and produce large clusters of three-winged capsules which are green to purplish at first, then turning papery and brown around a three-sided seed.
Photo: Robert Whyte


To remove, cut off any papery clusters containing the seeds. Carefully lift the tuber at the base of the stem to locate those underground stems which run from the top of the tuber. All tubers and underground stems must be removed. Remaining seed germinate readily in disturbed soil. Missed tubers will also reshoot.
Photo: Robert Whyte