2009’s Penultimate Brain Workshop

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Second last chance to attend the Rainforest Series Workshops for this year. The last one of course is Bush Tucker, and being held in a restaurant so that’s almost booked out already.

Number 5 is also “out there” being held in Brisbane Forest Park HQ. It’s really two workshops rolled into one, with two of the most learned rainforest experts alive. Presenters are Bill McDonald with Dr Ian Gynther, an ecologist specialising in terrestrial vertebrate fauna. Ian is involved in recovery projects for threatened fauna including Coxen’s Fig-Parrot, Hastings River Mouse and Water Mouse.

You’ll get a greatest hits and album only tracks guide to the animals and plants you would expect to see in rainforest habitats including rare and endangered species. Includes a visit to the Walkabout Creek Wildlife Centre.

1pm – 4.30pm
Sunday, 18 October 2009
Brisbane Forest Park Headquarters,
60 Mount Nebo Road, The Gap